What I offer

– Counselling  30 years’ experience
– Parent Support  25 years experience
– Sessions on Zoom, Skype, and telephone

Special areas

– couples ….relationships, marriage, separation, betrayal, affairs
– reducing anxiety and building low self-esteem and low confidence
– stresses, work related stress, anger management, OCD
– family issues, parenting support … your own Super Nanny !
– boarding school syndrome – support for survivors of a boarding school experience


  • How will it help – By exploring any upsets and difficulties together it will enable you to feel more in control of your life, to make decisions and positive life choices and to understand any unhelpful patterns. Many people find it is the first time they have felt understood and listened to. Talking to someone outside their family and friendship group can be extremely helpful

  • Who is it for – Counselling can be of benefit if you are facing a crisis; if you feel stuck or out of control of your life, alone in life, or if you are suffering the impact of some event or trauma – whether now or from your childhood

  • What issues ? – You can talk about any issue –

Abuse in UK Boarding Schools: Why Victims Come Forward Decades Later

  • Confidentiality – is important to the success of the counselling process. I offer a safe, neutral and confidential space where you can talk about your thoughts, feelings, concerns and worries.  Without this non-judgemental place people often find it difficult to talk openly about themselves


– I provide guidance and support for parents and carers and have been doing this for over 25 years.

  • How will it help – you will be offered a TOOLBOX of ideas and strategies.  It is often small tweaks to what you already do at home that make a huge difference and reduce tension in the home as well as increasing the self-confidence of your child – and you !

  • Who is it for – do you feel your children are not listening to you?  Do you feel you have tried everything?  All parents have times when they are worried about their child, or are struggling to adjust to the pre-teen and teenager stages.  There may be issues around separation or divorce

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