ABOUT COUNSELLING  counselling is for the wise not the weak

Choosing a counsellor

    • How do you choose an appropriate counsellor for you?   Much is in the relationship between the counsellor and the client.  Come for an initial session to help you decide if I am the right counsellor for you

What is Counselling ?

    • Many people are unclear about exactly what is involved in counselling. It is a process that helps you make positive life choices, reach decisions and open more doors for your future
    • Counselling can help you make sense of what’s happening. You are helped to find your own solutions, to develop more effective ways of coping, and to feel more confident.

It is freeing to talk things over with a trained professional

    • Some people come to therapy with a particular issue, such as a relationship difficulty, low self-confidence, anxiety, stress, anger management, sadness or bereavement.

Others use therapy to help them understand and make sense of their childhood and life patterns

    • Counselling is not advice-giving. I will not judge you or tell you what to do
    • You are not going to be forced into talking about something you do not want to talk about or are not ready to talk about.

Long or Short Term ?

    • Just a few sessions can be enough
    • Others choose to work over a period of time to change long established patterns, behaviours and thought processes
    • We can check regularly that you are getting what you want out of the sessions

What can I talk about ?

I work with all issues, including these :

    • Relationships/marriages – as a couple or an individual
      • affairs, betrayal, divorce, separation, step family adjustment, family issues, friendships
        • all relationships have their moments and struggles
        • some couples use sessions to understand what is going wrong and many find a way to reconnect
        • others use the time to help them separate amicably
    • Stresses – family, home and work related
    • Anxiety, panic attacks, including OCD [obsessive compulsive disorder]
    • Confidence building, assertiveness skills, and emotional difficulties
    • Life changes – or feeling stuck, isolated, lost, resentful, out of control of your life
    • Loss, bereavement, sadness, identity issues
    • Anger and Conflict – how to handle your frustrations and anger more effectively
    • Survivors of Abuse – emotional, sexual, childhood
    • Eating disorders and worries about weight, health or image
    • Ex-boarders – many who were sent away from home struggle with the effects of their boarding experience

Specialisms -

    • Relationships / couples / marriage issues
    • Anxiety, stress and confidence building
    • Boarding School Syndrome
    • Parent support and guidance      Your own Super Nanny !

First Session -

    • gives you the chance to explore what you would like from counselling
    • the relationship between counsellor and client is so important, and the first session helps you decide if you feel comfortable working with me before deciding if you would like to continue
    • you’ll be invited into conversations about any past experiences of counselling
    • you can also agree on the goals of our work together and the number of sessions you would like to have in the first instance
    • talking things over with a trained professional can bring about change
    • sessions are held in a calm, quiet, safe manner and are confidential

Why not book a session to look at the best way forward for you


being a parent is the most important job in the world…. and it isn’t always easy !

Why would I seek help as a Parent ?

    • to develop your own Parenting TOOLBOX – full of Super Nanny skills and strategies
    • why struggle alone when you could have help?
      • we’d ask for help when our car/computer/washing machine is not working well, but some of us find it harder to ask for ideas when it is about our family !
    • when you’re worried about your child’s behaviour, friendships, sibling rivalry, and school
    • if you are struggling with the transition to living with a teenager
    • when you feel your child/children are not listening to you
    • when you think you have tried everything
    • when you feel unsupported by other adults in your life

How does it work ?

It is often just a small tweak that reduces the tension in the home, and keeps the fun in the family.  These tweaks in handling situations can make a huge difference

    • I build on parents’ skills, working with parents/carers of all aged children
    • I help parents re-think how to get their message across effectively
    • I offer strategies – a TOOLBOX – on how to handle unacceptable and challenging behaviour
    • I encourage a positive approach and language which leaves us feeling better even when external factors have not yet changed
    • I give parents skills to help their teenagers with the frustrations they encounter in life
    • I help parents when problems arise from separation, divorce and step-family life
    • I run workshops on different themes including Top Ten Tips for Parents