Counselling has given me the many tools I needed to build a successful career as well as helping me in relationships. AR

I found Rosemary very easy to talk to.  She didn’t put words in my mouth, or make me feel that my problems were trivial, or unimportant.  If you are willing to explore your feelings and problems, this is definitely the way to go.  Thank you

I started attending counselling at my lowest point.  Having attended weekly for a whole year I am now at a better stage in my life.  I was able to get lots of thoughts and emotions off my chest and now feel that I have dealt with these personal issues with the help of Rosemary.  One of the best things I learnt from Rosemary is that we all have choices in life.  This is a great new outlook on life for me.  Something so simple I never realised before.  A

When I started coming I was confused and full of despair. I couldn’t think clearly because my mind was so full of grief, anger and hurt.  Rosemary gave me a safe place to put myself while I explained the pain I was in. G

Talking to you is like talking to no other. You ‘get’ it. And you helped me think and behave in ways I could never have thought of.   TL

I have learnt how to say things instead of fighting when I am angry.   For the last 3 years I have been ready to take my life and I am still here because of talking to Rosemary.  SO


Very helpful material. It has taught me to be more positive with my teenager. My household is a lot calmer and more peaceful.  LE

A very relaxed atmosphere where you can talk freely about everyday problems you’re having with your child.  JW